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March 06, 2018

Ninna V : : Bang Le' Dex Podcast : : 8.19.2017

✶N I N N A V✶

[ Naked Lunch - Oporto, Portugal ]

As one of the fundamental pillars of Portugal’s Techno scene, Ninna V has been rocking the decks for over 25 years - playing her own brand of dark and sweaty techno . She held her first residency at the Mercado Bar in 1992, while swiftly assuming several other residencies during the country's Techno infancy. In the Mid 90's, she founded one of the Portugal’s first DJ booking agencies aptly named “Beyond the Agency “. She used this to represent herself along with renowned global acts and the country’s best talent, playing alongside some of the industry’s most respected names such as: Dave Clark, A. Paul, Advent, Gayle San, Ricardo Garduno, Marika Rossa, Electrorites, Deh Noiser, Peder, Mas Teeveh, Shin Nishimura, Kevin Yost, Roger Sanchez, David Alvarado, Danny "Buddah" Moralles, Richard Lees Crees, Kid Loco, Victor Simonelli, Benji Candelario, Paco Buggin, Nacho, Victor Flores, Jose Luis Magoya, Mario Roque, Dj Vibe, Carlos Manaça, Petty, Jiggy, Oscar Baía, Luis Leite, Paulo Leite, João Daniel.

Ninna V has produced tunes on a plethora labels including De-Konstruct, Naked Lunch, Hybrid Confusion, We Call It Hard, Elekytax, Eternal Drive, Dystopian Rhythm, and Sub-Division. In May of 2014, her track "Cause" (Sergio Vilas remix) was played out by none other than the Big Boss himself, Carl Cox, live in NYC. Current production plans include countless remix projects, future vinyl releases, and collaborations with other notable artists for 2016 and beyond.

Her music has been played by Carl Cox, Ben Simms, Tom Hades, Paul Mac and Dave Clarke, around the world and at their podcasts.

Ninna V’s intricate DJ skills and productions have taken her all over Portugal and the world to locales like: South Africa, Malta, London, NYC, Zurich, and Detroit - where she has played for crowds in the hundreds and thousands. Whether she is playing her own industrial-flavored techno or producing tunes canned by some of the world’s best jocks, rest assured Ninna V is sure to get the dance floor moving!

Is on Naked Lunch Agency, so for bookings go to :


Originals + Remixes :
Black Hole - out now on Bunk3r R3cords
Agoraphobia - Out now on CUEBASE-FM COMPILATION Vol. I by SCHICKER Recordings
Cry - out on Sound of Techno Records
Future - out on Sound of Techno Records
Carbon - out now on Bunk3r R3cords
Industrial - out on Bunk3r R3cords
Floating Probe - out on Bunk3r R3cords
Nukes - Out on Sound of Techno Records
Distress - Out now on Bunk3r R3cords
Chaotic - out now on Voodoo Records
Flares - out now on fnoob.com compilation
Supernova - out soon on Sound of Techno records
Minerals - out now on Subwoofer records
Armagedon - out now on Subwoofer records
Fear - Out on Underground Noise Records
Stress - Out on Underground Noise records
2012 - free track
Zombie in Progress - Z- Block - Ninna V remix...out on Bunk3r R3cords
NWO - out on Geysir Records
Psychiatric Deceit - out Geysir Records

Nebula - out now Geysir Records
Domination - Out on Viral Outbreak Digital
Panic Room - out on Geysir Records
Hopeless - out on Voodoo Records
Insomnia - out on Geysir Records
Melted Infusion - out on Bunk3r R3cords
Unrelated Methods - out on Tekx records
Onassis - Bite Me - NInna V remix - out on Tekx Records
Life - Free track
Poy Poy - Organic Destroys - Ninna V remix out on Bunk3r R3cords
Pitch Dark - out on Fixate Records
Haarp - out on Viral Outbreack Digital
Mechanization - Out on Viral Outbreak Digital
Deep Roller - out on Anecdote Records
Mind Dislocation - Out on Subwoofer Records
Existance - out on Anecdote Records
Penumbra - out Anecdote Records
Dark Resistance - out on Rawhard Audio Records
Dancing Shadows - out on Rawhard Audio Records
Infinitum - out on Rawhard Audio Records
Data - out on Subwoofer records
Paull Farrell - She Gull - Ninna V remix out on Bunk3r R3cords
Domino Effect - out on Platinium Records
Moon Decadence - out on PLaitinium Rec
Dark Blossoms - out on Platinium records
Dark Drone - out Contrast - R records
Death Trick - out on Tekx records
Intense Soul - out on Contrast - R Records
Outspoken Minds - out on DarkTek Digital
Kismet - out on Mekatronik Records
Technicality - out on DarkTek Digital
The Great Speech - free track
Endorphin - out on Atmospheres Comp on Platinium Records
Unstable Spirit - out on Contrast R Records
Raftek - Colasso - Ninna V remix - out on Electraxx Recordings
Paulo AV - Back to My Roots - Ninna V remix - out on Viral Outbreak Digital
Momentum - out on Contrast R
Ancient Behaviour - out on Contrast R
Fallout Shelter - Dgenerate - Ninna V remix
Hope - out on Contrast R Records
Cognitive Perception - out on Contrast R Records
Paul Edge - Strawberry - NInna V remix - out on Contrast R recocds
In Techno I Trust - out on Contrast R Records
Shattered Mind - out on Hypnohouse Trax label - 'Hypnotech Output 2'
Solitude - out on Naked LunchSyncTherapy & Ninna V - Xanax - out 2013 on Heavy Snatch records
Subconcious Traveller - out on Platinium Records Atmospheres Comp - Vol IV
High Surface - out Naked Lunch
Dead End - out on TMM Records
Survival - Out on Mekatronic Records
Resistance Parody - out on Mekatronik Records
Erased Strategy - out on TMM Records
Code Red - out on TMM records
Dance Manifest out on TMM Records
Tech Report - out on Naked lunch
Time Machine - out on Unbroken Beat Records
Lost Empires - out on Contrast Records
Double Shifter - out on RawHard Audio Records
Ionic Benton - Thank You Techno - NInna V Remix out on Viral Outbreak Digital
Is It Worth It - out on Naughty Pills Records
Wakening - Out on RawHard Audio Records
12.12.12 - Out on Subwoofer Records
Hidden Out - Out on TMM Records
Asocial Evolution - out on Tracer Records
Compliance - out on Tracer Records
Do You See What I See - out on Naughty Pills Records
Dopamine - out on Naughty Pills Records
Colapse - out on Contrast Records
Veritas - out on Platinium Records
Carpe Nocte - Out V/A comp on Platinium Records
Oblivion - Out on Naughty Pills Records
Enslaved - free track
Paradigma - free track
Resielience - lost project
Illogically - out on Black Pearl Records
Out The Big Box - out on Black Pearl Records
Endless Spiral - out on Black Pearl Records
Audio Space - Out on Ambizi Records
Vertigo - out on Ambizi Rec
Off Grid - out on Ambizi Rec
Sound Of Invevitability - out on Ambizi Rec
Surrounding Signs - out on Ambizi Rec
Parallel Worlds - Out on Ambizi Rec
Modul8tor - Out on Ambizi Rec
Mental State - Out on Ambizi Rec
Face Of The Unknown - Out on Ambizi Rec
Dark Tales - Out on Ambizi Rec
Agent Orange - Out on Ambizi Rec
Ultimatum - out on Assassin Soldiers Records
Acid Realm - out on The Seed Music label
Afonso Maia - Feed Us - Ninna V remix out on New Republik Recordings
Sheeple - out on TechTribal Records
Equlibrium - out on Brachial Kontakt
Hybrid - out on Brachial Kontakt
Disturbed Reason -out on Brachial Kontakt
Israel Toledo - Ozul - Ninna V Remix - Out on Assassin Soldier Records
Ultimatum - out on ASR Records
Cerebral Cortex - out on The Seed Music label
Peace - Out on Ambizi Records
Exor Goticz - Psychosis - Ninna V - Remix - Out on Resorted Unlimited
The Core of The Universe - Out on The Seed Records
Joey Vasquez & Ninna V - Quantum Techno - free track
Cause - Out on Subsensory Recordings
Effect - Out on Subsensory Records
Photon - Out on Illegal Alien Records
Rising High - Out on Techlove Records
Submersion - Out on Techlove Records
Worthless Ego - out on Dark & Sonorous Records
Dark Moon - Out on Dark & Sonorous
Subversive - Out on Darknet Records
System Corrupted - Out on Darknet
Maria Goets & Ninna V - Crash & Burn - free track on Naked Lunch newsletter
A. Paul - Mindgame - Ninna V Remix - out on Naked Lunch Records
The Waiting - Out soon on sub:Merged records
Gridlock - Out soon on Submerged records
Mindset - Out on Naked Lunch Records
Drift - Out on Naked Lunch Rec
Insight - Out on Hybrid Confusion
Move Out Tha Way - Out on Hybrid Confusion
Point Of No Return - Out soon on Format Records
Hologram - Out soon on Format Records
Catharsis - out on Biotech records
The Last Hour - Out on Biotech Records
Level 9 - Out on Platinium Records
Ninna V & Virulent collab - Grey - out soon
Black - Out soon on Vector Function Records
Molecule - Out on Achromatiq Records
Rat Race - Out on Achromatiq Records
Restless - Out soon on Vector Function Records
Damian Deroma - Lunar Landar ( Ninna V remix ) - Out on Darknet
Ninna V & Virulent collab - Grind - Out soon on
No Home - Out soon on Elmart Rec
No Reason - Out soon - Out soon on Elmart
Materia Viva - Out soon on Dolma records
Prototype - Out soon on Elmart
Terra Lie - Out soon on Sub-Division
Lost Interaction- Out soon on Sub-Division
Cristian Glitch - Desertion - Ninna V remix
Dj Slot - Storm - NInna V remix - Out soon on Platinium rec
Outcast - Out soon on Format Rec
Higher Mind - Out soon on Dystopian Rythm
Distopia - out soon Dolma Records
Rebirth - Out soon on Sub:Merged
Focus - Out soon Dystopian Records
Time - Out soon