Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Bang Le' Dex Returns to Germany's CUEBASE-FM

Bang Le' Dex makes the return to CUEBASE-FM with an astounding 4 hours. This has been long overdue as label owner/host Taigo Onez took hiatus from scheduled programing for close to 6 years. Joining CUEBASE-FM as a guest, then becoming resident in 2013, Taigo went from bi-weekly, to General Manager, to falling back to a complete stop.

"When I started with CUEBASE-FM, I was also juggling multiple markets in radio. Bi-weekly at WHPK in Chicago, Fnoob in The UK, local and road gigs, in studio doing a whole lot of production, prepping to launch the label, mastering, artwork, promotions, licensing, and carrying a lot of business responsibility for quite a few people. At some point, business kinda took a hit not being in the best company within my personal surroundings. I got forced to fall back, and my work ethic started to suffer"

Gaining inspiration to return to scheduled programing, Taigo doesn't arrive alone. Coming with him on this fantastic 4 hour broadcast is none other than Antonio Lombardo from Chicago, and Brad Lee from Phoenix, Arizona, making this a righteous broadcast from the U.S.

"Without a doubt Antonio is one of the best DJ's in Chicago, and probably the world as we know it. He maintains a strong presence here at Bang Le' Dex so it's only right he gets some extended reach throughout Germany. His name is already ringing across the planet with releases on tons of labels, and multiple residencies, so he makes a wonderful addition to CUEBASE-FM"

"Brad has traveled the globe rocking venues for decades now. Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, Holland, and even Crobar in Chicago. He's an amazing Live PA artist with so many years of dues, already having the reach, and releases, he also makes a wonderful addition to CUEBASE-FM as well."

We are proud to announce, we are back at CUEBASE-FM Saturdays 2200 German time! 

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