Thursday, March 1, 2018
March 01, 2018

Cory Simpson : : Bang Le' Dex Podcast : : 8.19.2017

✶C O R Y  S I M P S O N✶

[ Seattle, Washington ]

Evolve Seattle / Mad Scientists / Extended Play / Bleek / Opiateth / DEPTH / Subduction Sessions 

Since 1993 Cory Simpson has been pushing bounderies.
Playing warehouse parties, outdoor events, clubs, and one off venues across the country, to opening his own club dedicated to electronic music; always striving to educate eager dance floors to new sounds. Whether under the monikers Bleek, Spawn Rabbit, Darkchilde, David Cory, or Along Side Richard Jantz, and Julian Rivera, as Cast of Shadows; via live analog performances written on the fly, to DJ sets of hard acid, techno, gabber, minimal, early electro, and deep house, the dedication to one thing has always remained the same. Underground Music. 

Never one to pre program "moments", his sets are always unpredictable, working multiple decks, midi controllers or turntables to create new aural soundscapes. Always forward thinking, with nods to the past, intensity, and soul.