Thursday, March 5, 2020
March 05, 2020

Iowa's Miss Conduct joins Bang Le' Dex

Photo courtesy of  Sunday Get Down DSM, IA

Hidden in the cornfields of Iowa, Miss Conduct has been spinning House since she touched her first set of platters in 2010. She's found her niche in Soulful, Classic, especially Jackin' House, and has been recently dipping her toes into Tech-House, but of course she will always have Psytrance pumping through her veins. She finds her groove in smaller, intimate gatherings, dark venues, and basement parties. You're in for a treat on one of her dance floors.

With that being said, we are honored to welcome her to Bang Le' Dex.

Q. First off welcome to the family, this has been long overdue, and I’m glad to finally have you on the team.

A. : : Thank you so much for the invitation! I’m absolutely honored!

Q. What was your inspiration to becoming a DJ?

A. : : My inspiration for becoming a DJ started when I was first taught how to beat match house on a set of Technics. I never gave any thought to dj’ing before that but as soon as my fingers touched wax it was on.

Photo courtesy of Miss Conduct

Q. Nice! Do you see yourself producing tracks in the near future?

A. : : I would really like to produce tracks in the near future. I still have a lot to learn.

Q. What was your first experience playing outside of your home state?

A. : : My first experience playing out of my home state was at a private party in Minneapolis for some of my homies in the Psytrance scene. Good times.

Photo courtesy of Sunday Get Down DSM, IA

Q. Who are some of the Artist/DJ’s that have inspired you?

A. : : My first and biggest influence to mixing is Justin Time from Iowa. When I first started he was very motivational to me. Also, we play similar styles. I’ll always look up to him. James Garcia is another influence. I really appreciate his style and grace. ChiTown Cuz...if you don’t know you better ask somebody. As of late, I’m very influenced and motivated by people that are passionate and professional about the underground.

Q. Excellent! James is my brother from another mother, Justin is such a great guy, and I remember ChiTown Cuz from No Ratz here in Chicago. All of them are good people. What are your favorite genres to play?

A. : : Jackin’ House. Tech House! Progressive Psytrance. Break beats.

Q. Iowa has been one of my favorite states to play in for years now, and has some of the best sound systems, and DJ’s across multiple genres. Who are some of the Artist/DJ’s, Promoters, Venues, and sound systems you’d like to mention in Iowa?

A. : : Iowa is pretty great. Our scene is a hidden gem. As far as sound systems go, anything Justin Meeks (Justin Time) and Chris Mullis (Sharlo) put together is top of the line in my opinion. They’re sound is always on point. Mollie Downs has been hosting a weekly Sunday Get Down that I think is pretty important to the Des Moines dance music scene. That event always brings out an eclectic crowd and the lineups she builds have a great flow. And The Fremont is always a great venue. I believe that’s the last place I got to hear you play in Iowa. Good times!

Photo courtesy of Roots DSM, IA

Q.Your radio show on Chitown House Radio has become truly a major factor in Dance music in the U.S. With the growth of your show, do you feel that press outlets being far and too few in between in the United States, keeps artists such as yourself, carrying a whole lot of promotional responsibility?  

A. : : Yes, I do feel a lot of promotional responsibility. This isn’t mainstream, and rarely funded. If people like us don’t do this, who else will?

Q. Word! You have been rockin' your home state righteously, and you stay busy. What are some of the places you have played in Iowa, and where can your audience find you playing?

A. : : Outside of Chitown House Radio, I have been playing out a lot more in the Des Moines area. I’ve recently played at Nightingale for Sunday Get Down, Insomniac, the new after-hours lounge, and Climaxx for Wacky Wednesday, The Garden Nightclub for DJ Skyler’s Leap Day Party, and a couple of private parties. Next up is Femme Decks at The Yacht Club in Iowa City on March 13th.

Q. Excellent! Thank you so much for this chat. I am so happy that you have joined the Bang Le' Dex collective.